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You Know My Name, But Not My Story.

"Broken things can become new things. Broken things can become redeemed things, broken things can become resurrected things, broken things can become breaking free things." Ann Voskamp

What is a name? A name is an identifier. A name ties you to another person; it gives a sense of self. I've chosen after much thought and prayer to begin 2018 with my maiden name and Adelaide and I will begin our future together as Shea and Adelaide Sparks. We’ve chosen to not look back at the past, not to treat my previous marriage as a mistake, but to look towards our future. We fell apart by the world's definition, but oh, my dear, we're falling right into the perfect place. Our name change is symbolic of a new path and mission in our lives. A path that God has written for our good. A path that was never His plan, but He certainly turned for His glory and our benefit. We will no longer be define by a name that binds us to a place of deep hurt, but we will be defined by God's love for us. We have a purpose greater than the things used to wound us, and nothing can stop it. We have so many incredible things planned for this year, and I can't wait to share more! 2018 is going to be the best year yet. More of You, God. Less of me.

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